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Eva Rothschild Cold Corners 2009 Aluminium box tubing

Sarah Sze Still life with flowers 1999

Trish Bould You tube
Drawing gesture. Laundry. 2010. Here is a link to you tube. I tried (unsuccessfully) to upload video. Shows mixed media collaborative work by Trish Bould, Suna Imre and Fiona Candy.

external image arch3.jpg
MitchellBould. Drawing spaces, picturing knowlegde. 2006. Media not specified.

external image birdstryingtoescapetheirdrawings2_ebbesweb.jpg
Peter Callesen, Birds Trying To Escape Their Drawing, 2005, acid 150 GSM paper and glue, 90x128x6cm

Francesca Woodman, ‘Space², Providence, Rhode Island, 1975-1978, photograph, person

Katie Sokolor, Untitled 2010, photograph, paper

external image Trouve_3.jpg
Tatiana Trouve, Untitled 2007, Cement, Plexiglas,Formica, Metal, Leather, Wood, Marble, Bronze. 300x610x421cm

external image 11798395350EvaHesse_Atelier.jpg
Eva Hesse, Atelier, (Between 1936 and 1970)

external image McCall01_body.jpg
Anthony McCall, Between You and I, 2006, Sixteenth Minute Installation at Peer/The Round Chapel, London,

Tracey Payne, Green Inflatable Struggle, 2010, video, 2mins 27 secs.

Shelagh Cluett, Ceasura III, 1980, mixed media, 96"

external image img001282.jpg
Katharina Grosse, Space as Medium (2009), acrylic on wall, soil, floor (installation: Miami Art Museum)

external image replace2.jpg
Adam Chodzko, Mask Filter (2007), camera filter-holder, 'pick-up sticks', brake cable, scoubidou strings, washers, CD packaging, rings.

Vong Phaophanit What Falls to the Ground But Can't Be Eaten 1991, bamboo poles and light

Felix Gonzalez-Torres Untitled (Placebo) 1991, hard wrapped candy

Ceal Floyer, Mousehole, 1994, ink on paper

Rachel Whiteread, personal collection plus rubber and plaster casts

Rachel Whiteread, Study (Blue) for Floor, 1992, ink and correction fluid on graph paper

Anna Barriball, 'Sunset/Sunrise V', pencil on paper, 2008.

Runa Islam, 'Magical Consciousness,' still from anamorphic 16mm black and white film, silent,.2010tfl